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What is the purpose of Homework Helpers?

When does a Homework Helpers session take place?

The session takes place after the school day at specific Title 1 elementary schools, providing tutees with a familiar and convenient educational environment for learning.

How do the middle school students benefit from volunteering in Homework Helpers?

Not only do the tutors get service hours for dedicating their time to the program, but they also develop their teaching skills and character, as well as learn important life skills.

How much does it cost to get my child tutored?

Our goal is to provide educational benefits for students from less privileged schools. To accomplish this, our non-profit tutoring program is free of charge.

Can I still send my child to learn even though he/she doesn’t have any homework?

Of course! Homework acts as an aid to reinforce certain concepts to students. If your student wishes to be tutored in subjects that don’t have homework, we have materials such as worksheets and practice problems to give to your student to further reinforce material they have learned in school.

Can my child be tutored for things outside of what they’re learning?

Learning ahead is a fantastic thing for students to do who understand what they are currently learning in school at a deep level, and we can assign and teach advanced material to your student, but our program mainly focuses on providing additional aid to students who can’t quite grasp the material in their grade level.

Learning ahead is a fantastic activity for students already ahead of the material being taught in school. However, Homework Helpers mainly focuses on providing additional aid to students who struggle to grasp the current topics of the classroom. *****We are still happy to assign and teach advanced material to your child, but it is not our top priority.*****



Peer-Mentoring Tailored for Each Pupil

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