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How are We Different?

Unlike traditional mentoring programs, we provide benefits for both the tutors and the tutees. Research indicates that students receive valuable educational experience while tutors gain increased empathy, and both groups attain a sense of community.

This program allows the middle school students to interact with younger children giving them a chance to engage in a different dynamic - one that can empower them while also bringing a stringer sense of community to the schools. The narrow gap between the age of the mentor and mentee, allows for effective role modeling and positions the mentor as a wiser and older individual, a position the elementary students can aspire to attain in the near future.

The change from elementary school to middle school can be daunting for many students. With middle school mentors to help them through this, elementary schoolers can be less fearful and more excited about their future education

The middle school students also serve as role models for the elementary school students. Unlike an adult tutor, the elementary school students see a more attainable goal in the middle school students.

Thus, our program offers unique benefits to all parties involved.


Peer-Mentoring Tailored for Each Pupil

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